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Most Viewed – Feb 09

Not since we reviewed Sarah Slean’s “The Baroness” have we had such a clear winner. Vienna Teng has by far and away our most viewed artist this month with previews of her fourth album plastered everywhere. Her top two related posts contain more hits than half the next artist’s post hits combined. So without hesitation – well done to Vienna (2 months now!) and here’s the top 10!

01) Vienna Teng (2 Months)

02) Akira Yamaoka (^)

03) Hiroki Kikuta (^)

04) Brendan Perry (^)

05) Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra (=)

06) Lisa Miskovsky (NE)

07) Sarah Slean (^)

08) Tori Amos (RE)

09) Ayumi Hamasaki (v)

10) Sitorimon (NE)

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