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Nobuo Uematsu – New Solo Album & OST Coming

Nobuo is celebrating his 50th birthday in style this year. His new solo album “10 Stories” will be 10 songs we assume and is slowly being released one track at a time each month on Itunes. The first single is called “Here Comes Conga Boy” and you can preview it here on the official site. It’s quite fun and catchy! The album will then receive a psychical release in 2010 so there’s a wait in store in you want the full CD.

Elsewhere atE3 we saw a trailer for Final Fantasy XIV (when will XIII ever come out!?!?!) which will follow XI and be online. Nobuo has been confirmed as the composer for the soundtrack although it remains to be seen if anyone else will join him.

It’s going to be a good year for Nobuo fans!

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