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Game Review – Numblast

numblastNumblast is a quick fire addictive puzzler that will have you screaming at yourself for not having reflexes quite fast enough and give people who enjoy massive scores the opportunity to shine in all its glory. It was released on PSN yesterday.

The Premise

Like all puzzlers, the premise is a simple one – combine squares of the same number blocks. The numbers range from one to four and rotate round in a square format. There is a bizarre over the top story to it all and its to return your friend to human form after being turned into a monkey! It’s all a bit draft but more fun for being so.

The Gameplay

The screenshot above is the whole game. You must arrange numbers into square blocks of 2×2, 3×2, 3×3 and so on if your lucky enough to get that good. When doing so, the squares light up. This starts off the chain reaction. The blocks you’ve just lit up then change number – 1 moves to 2, 2 to 3, 3 to 4 and 4 to 1. It’s up to you to line up the relevant numbered blocks next to it to keep the chain moving and growing. It takes a few minutes to get the hang of it but then your off and away. However its not always that simple! Over time, blocks are “devolved” and turn black and once all the blocks are black its game over and the process speeds up the further on you go. There’s a great reflex/strategy element to it all and you cant get too far by just button mashing.

The Graphics

For a puzzler, the graphics are great. The main screen is easy to see and the characters are moving about too – there’s even cut scenes!

The Sound

A surprising strong point is the music which alters during the game depending on how close to game over you are. Its really quite clever. Also the voice overs are so over the top and random they add to the general madness of the story arc and graphic design.

The Replay Factor

You. Will. Be. Hooked! Even though its single player all the way (a dreadful shame for no multplayer) the endless and time limit scenerios will keep you coming for hours, and the puzzle mode is a nice addition. Maybe multiplayer will arrive at a later date…

The Positives

~So addictive it hurts

~Has a charm that pulls you in

The Negatives

~Lack of multiplayer

The Verdict

Even without multiplayer this is a fabulous game and one any puzzler (or casual puzzler e.g. Bejelewed) would seriously enjoy losing many hours to.

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