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Module – Gripshift EP

jeremiahross-moduleGripshift is a great little racing game for PS3/Xbox360 downloads. The five track EP from Module, Misfits of Science, Y. Moodley and S McQuinn is but a short yet sweet sample of the music from the game.

“Night Riding” is a smooth electro-pop rock piece with a great yet simplistic guitar riff. It kind of reminds me of OutRun in a way with its breezy electro rock that has grit but still enough seaside cruising to be relaxing too.

“Nitro is Good” is a more grizzly track with more bump and push. It’s mono-tone tune is broken up with quick chord changes at the end of every four bars but the song is very short so it doesn’t seem stale.

“Pedal 2 The Metal” has a great bass hook to it. This is most beastly racing track on the EP and is very busy – always evolving and forming a new fast paced tune to quicken your pulse. A great track.

“Shift” is the vocal and menu track for the game. It’s R’n’B at its minimal core with a catchy chorus and chorus rap. It’s not generally my type of music that I listen to but its harmless enough and its the kind of music that’d do well and the chorus is one that sticks about in your head when you driving! “Shift (Module Remix)” see’s Module bring is electro bass touch to it for a more seedier sounding version of the song but it doesn’t offer much difference other than that.

The Gripshift EP is short but sweet (and pretty cheap). Module’s open three tracks are my personal favourites as I like his electro-rock style and the “Shift” track itself is perfectly fine, it’s an EP that I wouldn’t hold in the same light as say the Shatter soundtrack just because its all too short but for VGM fans and fans of racing or shoot-em-up soundtracks this will appeal much more to your senses.

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