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Final Fantasy X-2 Vocal Collections Bonus DVD Material

megumitoyoguchiAs a parting gift for the next few weeks to tide you over, I have uploaded the full content of all three Final Fantasy X-2 Vocal Collection Bonus DVD’s. Yuna, Rikku and Paine all have their songs, interviews and special preview videos to accompany their singles. Remember these were available way before the game got to Europe (and was probably out before the Japanese game release) so all this footage would have been lapped up:

View the VGM Bonus Features PlayList from my HigherPLainGames YouTube Channel for details.

Rikku’s song Barefoot Miracle is currently uploading and will be available shortly.


  1. I find these DVD iso (or rip) all over net but hopeless.
    Would you mind uploading them on megaupload or mediafire, rip is ok, too >.<

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