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Final Fantasy XIII Soundtrack Samples Online

Masashi Hamauzu’s soundtrack to Final Fantasy XIII now has 30 second samples online. You can jump across to the official site here for further details and to stream disc 1. From what you can hear, the soundtrack sounds epic in scope and diverse in its genres which makes for a tantilising treat. It also reminds me of Unlimited Saga. Hopefully discs 2, 3 and 4 will be available soon. The release comes on January 28th 2010 and I’ve already put my preorder in and there’s a great unboxing movie on the official site too.


  1. I’m always love and play FinalFantasy ,FF7 is the first version I has played and I already know I’m in love with this game , OST of FF every
    song so nice at last I will follow up FF every version

    P.S could you pleases tell me the name song is OST of finalfantasy 13
    is the woman voice ? thank you and like your work

  2. Hey! Great to have another FF fan. My favourite is FFIX – Vivi!!!!

    I dont know the names yet although the best place to look is here: as it has the japanese listings, and they’ll be translated soon I’m sure. I know Leona Lewis sings the main theme song “My Hands”.

    Hope that helps!

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