Maro & Sonic Snowboard Contest From OCReMix

Mario & Sonic Snowboard Contest from OC ReMix & SEGA Europe! (Jan. 18th deadline!)
OC ReMix is teaming up with SEGA Europe to celebrate Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Winter Games by giving away an official Mario & Sonic snowboard.
It’s a pretty unique item, and we know a lot of folks would want one (even if they can’t snowboard), so we’d appreciate your help spreading the word. The difference with this contest vs. past giveaways of the snowboard is that SEGA Europe has allowed OC ReMix to open it up worldwide, not just to the UK. Everyone around the world is eligible, so this is their chance to win it!
How to Enter:
Email with the following info:
* Their name
* Their YouTube account name, AND
* The name & description of a cool made-up snowboarding trick!
They also must be subscribed to the OC ReMix YouTube channel ( YouTube is how we’ll contact the winner. (Video get!)
The snowboarding trick ideas can be Mario & Sonic-based, Olympic Games-based, OC ReMix-based, it can be anything, and entrants can submit as many tricks as they want in one email. The coolest snowboarding trick sent in will win!
Trick Examples! (They don’t need to be this literal. Entrants just need to be creative & cool, and have fun with it!)
“IceCap Dash” – Sonic does a 360 rotation while spin dashing on the board!
“Space Harrier” – Hang in the air for more than 5 seconds, with a rocket pack attached to your back!
“pixietricks” – Sonic gets some air and jumps off the board, while Amy Rose jumps and lands on the board in mid-air! <3
There’s also YouTube players on the contest page to check out Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Winter Games and listen to all of OCR’s SEGA music tributes. (Little bit of trivia: The music of SEGA was a huge inspiration for the founding of OC ReMix by David “djpretzel” Lloyd back in 1999.)
If you have any questions, let us know, but thanks again for passing this contest along so people can get in on this before the deadline! Even if you can’t officially post news of this, we figure some of you would want to enter. Good luck to you if you do!

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