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Whispers of the Plains: Panda Transport

After reviewing their latest EP “Monorail”, HPM was lucky enough to get a few minutes with the fabulous duo Panda Transport. Lovely people, here’s what they had to say.

So where did you guys come up with a spectacualarly fantastic band name?

Thierry: Kathy’s idea…Panda’s are gentle and we have to travel a lot to make things happen.
Kathy: I read the phrase in a book on U2 by bill flannagan- the writer said the band was treated and transported around with more care than that of rare pandas. And pandas are furry fuzzy and cuddly like our  voices and “transport” indicates mechanics and machinery like the machines our music is derived from.

As both of you have quite individual musical careers prior to Panda Transport, what inspired you to collaborate together and how did the sound that has become your own come about from that?

Thierry: The fact to live in the same place during a, we were sharing, music, book and movies.
The complicity and to imagine Pantrans like a person, also to ask ourself all the time, “Do you think Pantrans will like it?”

Kathy: Thierry was working on a severin 24 (his solo work) joy division cover and since I was crashing on his couch while pursuing my own musical endeavours, he asked me to sing the song to assist with the english accent. He liked my voice enough to keep it. it ended up getting a bit of radio play on the biggest station here in france, FRANCEINTER. After being solo artists, it also felt good to collaborate. Someone to share the drive and stage with.

Congratulations on being featured on Grey’s Anatomy. How does it feel to have your own music on a massively popular TV show? How did you feel when you first saw it?

Thierry: No-one believed me in France, so I was sad! I missed it on TV, because my fav football team (Olympic Lyonnais) were playing at the same time on an other channel. I realised the day after..

Kathy: I did see it and it was surreal. I had a stop watch in my paws because royalties are paid according to duration of play amongst other variables. Being on a tv show also wins mommy points. Mommies can understand this line of being a musician. “That’s my baby singing on the TV!”. I think it’s wired into us. Making the owner of the original venue proud.

You’ll be making a video for Saint Revel due to the popularity from the song with the Grey’s Anatomy team. How is that progressing?

Theirry: Justin the director will realise in real what I use to do with cartoon and few euros, so it’s simply great! I love his ideas.

Kathy: It’s going to be a ripping experience. The treatments he’s sent us are very pantrans and fun. I am doing a lot of bollywood booty to get ready for the booty to be photographed. We also really look forward to making new connections and friendships out on the west coast. It’s our first trip out there.

Are their any instruments you’d like to place in your next record that you’ve been dying to use?

Theirry: So many! I want to use my brand new theremin on a song and today we were looking the Jerry Jones Sitar on the net, which looks really cool. Also a cuica..we never stop to look for new instruments because it’s fun…

Kathy: …And I want to become viral because of the bad ass balloon solo I do on the next record. I’m practicing on a blow up globe at the moment. And I want to develop my own human horn sound. It is not as easy as some people make it look. And timbales and bongos. I have a percussion addiction. It’s very dangerous and difficult to control. My hands are constantly moving these days.

I simply must ask… who’s the genius behind the music video “Painting By Numbers”?

Theirry: The insects!!!!
Kathy: Theirry has been our video maestro – he comes up with all the concepts and their execution- right now he is working on a visual collage for “up the disco” that is going to be great when it’s finished. We already have 20 people from around the world performing on it.

What’s coming up in the future for Panda Transport?

Theirry: We want to tour, visit many countries and meet our fans…after that, we are lucky and always have good surprises til now and I hope it will continue this way.

Kathy: I can’t wait to hear how song collection no. 3 turns out. I think this year is going to be a good one for the panda. Our hearts have remained devoted and true to panda transport. The collaboration keeps our imaginations interested and has had something to teach us every day. We remain mischevious and curious and we get hungrier every day. Pantrans is becoming it’s own entity, the future is looking good!
Higher Plain Music would like to wish Panda Transport much success and thanks for taking the time to answer my obsessive e-mails!

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