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Most Viewed March 2010

It’s been a while since we’ve had such a huge runaway winner on our most viewed list, but March 2010 saw Brendan Perry overdrive as his tour kicked off and his new songs were revealed! Not only that, but March saw Higher Plain Music far surpass its previous most busy month ever (last month actually) by a whopping 600 views! I’d like to send a massive thanks to every reader and I hope you continue to stay with me. So without further ado, the top 10 artists and top 5 games of March…

01) Brendan Perry (2 months)

02) Lisa Gerrard (^)

03) Naoyuki Hiroko (Halo Legends Crew) (v)

04) Hideki Sakamoto (NE)

05) Garry Shyman (NE)

06) Jesper Kyd (-)

07) Ayumi Hamasaki (RE)

08) Hiroki Kikuta (RE)

09) Jeff Kinney (NE)

10) Normand Corbeil (NE)



01) RTL Winter Sports 2010 (ps3) (2 months)

02) Heavy Rain (PS3)

03) Battle Tanks (ps3)

04) Musaic Box (PC)

05) .detuned (PS3)

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