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Game Review: Mevo & The Grooveriders

A rhythm action platformer indie game for the PC? Sign me up!!! Welcome to the world of “Mevo & The Grooveriders”

The Concept

I have no idea to perfectly honest, but Mevo needs to traverse various themed lands to collect Gruv’s, which are spinning discs, in order to save his world. It’s all an excuse for tapping fun!

The Gameplay

Mevo and the Grooveriders is played entirely on your right and left shift keys on the keyboard. As simplistic as it is ingenious, Mevo moves through worlds to various types of music and notes are scattered through them telling you which button to hit. The notes play out the beat or overture for the levels musical track and the Simon says gameplay is done. There are multiple paths, double hits, massive combo streaks and drum fill type sections to boost your combo score. As you progress the games tracks and layouts become tougher and the conditions to pass to the next stage increase in difficulty too. Each level has three different sub levels with three different challenges of increasing difficulty to pass. There are some powerups you earn through gaining bonus notes and that gives you extra attributes but the vast majority of the game is spent furious slapping shift.

The Graphics

Being an indie game, the graphicss aren’t massively fantastic but they get the job done. One thing I do struggle with however is that there is a graphical slowdown in places (the main menu is one, and some effects heavy levels too) which then effect the gameplay which saunters on at the correct place, thus you can easily lose you combo scores anf flawless performances through not a lot of fault of your own.

The Sound

For a music inspired game, I have to say the music isn’t mind blowing. However, its more down to the percussive energy you are tapping out, not the actual melodies, that make the game interesting.

The RePlay Factor

Mevo can be enjoyed for people wanting to increase their scores. While its not going to eclipse Audiosurf for replay value, multiplayer mode is fun and once unlocked, you can customise your Mevo and go back to old songs.

The Positives

~Deceptively simple concept draws you in

~After initially learning the ropes, the learning curve makes things become quite a challenge early on but not impossible

~Has the one more go factor

The Negatives

~Graphical slow down gives unfair results

~Doesn’t stay fresh in your memory after you’ve played it


Mevo and the Grooveriders is an entertaining but ultimately lightweight affair. It’s enjoyable and does its thing quite well, but doesn’t stay with you as a great experience afterwards and offers up all its tricks far too early on. However, if you enjoy the rhythm action genre and you’ve got beat – you’ll still find plenty to enjoy while it lasts.

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