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Most Viewed April 2010

One of the possibly the only annoying thing with the changes to stats via WordPress is that I now have almost 600 visitors who visited “Home Page” and that means that these most viewed charts at the start of each month are missing 20% of the page views considering HPM get about 3000 a month. However Bredan Perry stays on top again, although only just this month as his tour got underway and we posted live clips of all the new songs on his tour. I’m so excited for the new album! Most viewed post though was strangely a review from last year, Echochrome’s OST! Is it because Echoshift’s making waves I wonder? Here’s the top 10 viewed artists…

01) Brendan Perry (3 months!)

02) Keith Burgan & Blake Reynolds (NE)

03) Tom Salta (NE)

04) Hideki Sakamoto (-)

05) Lisa Gerrard (v)

06) Jesper Kyd (-)

07) Garry Schyman (v)

08) Ayumi Hamasaki (v)

09) Normand Corbiel (^)

10) Yoko Shimomura (RE)

Top 5 Games

01) RTL Winter Sports (2 Months)

02) Vancouver 2010 (NE)

03) Battle Tanks (-)

04) Musaic Box (-)

05) Numblast (RE)

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