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PJ Harvey & John Parish – “Black Hearted Love” Review

One of the few artists to still give us wonderful b-sides, PJ Harvey’s collaboration with John Parrish see’s John take the vocals to the b-sides to the fantastic rock anthem “Black Hearted Love”.

“Within A Month” has completely discordant guitar stumming to a drum loop while John talks through a megaphone effected microphone about all kinds of wonderful things. Gradually more guitar riffs and loops flood in the left speaker, while the monologue spews out the right. It’s really interesting for me as its the first time I’ve heard John’s voice at all and coupled with his lazy swinging guitars and rolling drums it makes for a taut production.

“False Fire” is the second b-side is equally as frought as thrasing guitar with added organ bashes in and out as John takes a kitsch view on a country song! It reminds me very much of early PJ songs “Me-Jane” and “M-Bike” in tone, structure and song style. It’s a rip roaring fun track.

While PJ’s influence is there, she cannot be heard vocally and John taking the forefront is quite unique and while it does project a completely different spin on everything, and his vocals aren’t as strong as PJ’s, everything else is channelling the same vein and that’s something grand indeed.

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