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Vincent Diamante – “Flower OST” Review

To describe the Flower soundtrack is really quite difficult. It has eight tracks, most of which are in the same vein. It’s a gentle breeze of relaxation music that blends piano, strings and light brass into a  hypnotic  fusion.

“Life as a Flower” prances chirpily around the speakers with light keyboard plucks, a slow low string bass stride that marches the song forward. There’s no real melody as such that comes to the fore, its just a lot of lovely mixed in a pot of sound. “Splash of Color” follows the same route before “Sailing in the Wind” ups the drama a notch and comes across like a love child of Enya and Secret Garden! Needless to say its invigorating and inspiring to listen to.

“Nighttime Excursion” is a bit more subdued, especially in the latter section where a small sniff of craftiness filters in with vibrating wind and brass instruments. “Solitary Wasteland” is very moody and desolate in its sound. It reminds me of the typical drought desert songs you get in RPG’s – only reduced to orchestrated mood music. At over 11 minutes, sometimes I’m not in the mood to listen to it all!

However at over twelve minutes, “Purification of the City” is outstanding. Dramatic strings, freeflowing rousing piano, long cymbal crashes and a general burst of happiness surrounds the magical piece. The woodwind reminds me of Viva Pinata too which is no bad thing! It’s a great emitional rollercoaster of a track and the standout of the soundtrack by far.

“Peaceful Repose” does what it says on the tin with a piano led audiotherapy track and then “Lazy Daydream” rounds off the soundtrack with a breezy melodic tune.

Vincent Diamante does a great job of not writing melodies, but writing enough score to point you to the mood and feeling he wants to evoke. It’s not very often you can listen to an hours music and think, I really enjoyed that but there wasn’t one hook in it all! Therein lies the beauty of Flower.

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