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Iona – Live in London DVD Review

Iona have been around for so very long now their live shows are utterly flawless. This DVD released many years ago showcases the band in both an acoustic and a full plugged setting and the results are spellbounding.

Disc 1 is a 90 minute plugged set full of outrageous guitar solos, crystal clean vocals and wonderous melodies that Iona have mastered. There are so standouts and so crowd favourites such as “Flight of the Wild Goose” with the majority of the gig being a high energy affair. Disc 2 actually is a small half hour set of acoustic renditions of songs such as “Chi-Rho” which go down well with some wine. Also attached are some extensive interviews with all the band and how they work together despite being based all across the country.

Iona aren’t so much about their hits but more about a wave of feeling and this is brought out in the concert because you can’t help but feel so positive and full of heart and enthusiasm. Although they are a Christian band, I do not really follow a religion and so take the feels of joy and use them in my own context and so long as the positive feelings get out there across a whole board of walks of life, that surely proves Iona’s power as a band.

If I were to be critical, the sound isn’t fantastic for a DVD and the picture quality looks as if it has been overprocessed and looks fuzzy, grainy and a bit pixelated in places. However if these visual downgrades won’t annoy you, this is a fantastic concert experience showcasing some absolutely amazing talent.

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