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Peter Comes From Neverland – “The Escapist” Review

HPM featured Peter Comes From Neverland as a new emerging talent last year and now he’s back with a new four track EP entitled “The Escapist” and it confirms his talent and prowess.

“Rain” shows a new side to Peter’s music as etheral Sigur Ros-esque whails sail over the rolling drums and bass but the song doesn’t immitate the style for long as it switches personalities half way to become a much darker and broodier piece with guitars and mutlilayered vocals and keyboards flying out of the woodworks. I love how cohesive the track is yet how different all the various sections are in style and feeling.

“Neverland” again slips and slides from echoing spoken word rock to more traditional power chords with lush electric guitar flourishes throughout making the track feel very much like a state of dreaming. It has an unusual song structure, such as the opener, where there are no verses or chorus, just different suites of rock and it’s definately leaves its mark.

“Fallen” has a very catchy vocal hook in its second half  to it as the guitars and organs create an almost psychodelic feel to the track. It really harks back to a revisioning of classic T-Rex of sorts with those catchy rock numbers that could repeat endlessly and you wouldn’t notice – fantastic song writing.

“Fall Out” see’s the piano brought more the frontline for the most traditionally structured track on the EP but this time its in an usual time signiture instead – ever keeping you on your toes. This track see’s Peter take his music to a more Coldplay-esque like audience with a stadium lighter swaying finale.

The Escapist is another fantastic EP from Peter Comes From Neverland who continues to make superb music.While its catchy and memorable, it still has a lot of quirks and original ideas flowing through each track and that’s a sign of a great songwriter pushing for maximum attack. The EP is due out in March.

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