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Game Review: I Must Run! (PSP Mini)

“I Must Run!” is a very simple reflex game for the PSP Mini. Following the story (neatly shown in comic book cutscenes) of a man whose on a prison break out to right a wrongdoing (but another wrongdoing!) you control a man who will not stop running. Your challenge, if you choose to accept it, is to make sure you can jump, double jump, slide and punch your way through increasingly tough levels of obstacles. Miss a jump? Game Over. Hit a wall? Game Over. If you fail to punch objects out your way it slows down your momentum which then means on the bigger jumps you might not make it across. The crux? It’s very hard! I’ve never seen the end so I’m assuming there is one and it isn’t just a high score fest. Every few in-game hours (about 90 seconds) the scenery changes. The graphics themselves are crisp and neat with lovely parallax backgrounds and plenty of on screen action which adds to the games difficulty itself as your eyes focus in so intently on what’s going on around you, its sometimes easy to get distracted.

Ultimately, this games not for everyone. Reflex or music game lovers will enjoy it, others will scoff at such a simple premise but it has that pull to see if you can get further to the next stage and that addiction is what makes this game equally infuriating  and enjoyable. Just don’t get overly frustrated when you die after 2 minutes!


~Simple premise and controls

~Crisp graphics



~If you’re not a high score chaser this will have limited appeal.


Possibly the gaming definition of a medal chaser. You will try, try and try again but possibly never see the final hurdle. Tough, uncompromising but fiendishly addictive. Prepare to be sucked in.

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