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Camille – “Live Au Trianon” Review

Camille’s live album released in 2006 is a stop stopping showcase of vocal talents, crazy rearrangements and a lot of fun.

Bookending with “Senza”, we get all three versions of Janine interspaced throughout the concert with the third being an absolute riot with drums and burping going on. The vocal beatboxing is something that needs to be heard to be believed! Simply mind-boggling.

What is interesting is her renditions of songs from her debut album which is more traditional in its instrumentation. Taking her vocal stylings “Les Sac De Filles” is almost freeform vocal jazz, “1,2,3” sounds like she’s going completely bonkers and “Les Ex” is just hilarious with all the silly noises and Camille going into extremely high register to playfully sing along.

Of course most of Le Fil is present here too with personal favourites “Au Port”, “Ta Douleur”, “Pour Que L’Amour Me Quitte” and “Pale Septembre” all in very fine form. It really is a masterclass of entertainment.

You know exactly what you’re getting with Camille, a kooky and complex vocal pix and mix of musical styles but very few can hold such a unique stage presence as this fine lady who captivates the audience throughout. If you are not captivated with Janine 3 – you need to check yourself into a clinic!

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