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Game Review: “The Impossible Game” (PSP Mini)

The Impossible Game eh? That sounds like a challenge and a red flag at a bull to me! Some games really are a test of your patience, skill and ability to not smash a controller in face to despair. The Impossible Game fits that category down to a T.

Reminding me of a much more clinical version of the Bit.Trip series, this is a test of memory, timing and dexterity. You will be given insanely long levels to traverse your orange box across. Do you jump, roll or drop down? These split decisions to the beat of the music will determine if you actually get to play another beat of the music. There’s no learning curve, you’re thrown straight in and after about 20 seconds it’s already catching you out. Game over. Restart. This time you’ve got to 25 seconds, learning now that you can get over that section bungled by not jumping every second square. Then you’ll be smacked with a new situation. Game over. Restart. Still with me? It takes a while to get used to the exact box physics as you move constantly right on the timeline but after that things are predictable and fluid. If you die, you know it was you that made the mistake, not the game.

However, have enough memory and sheer patience and the rewards soon come in as you go further than you did last time, learnt a new section of the level or heard the music change as you entered a new segment. There are several levels but I fear I’ll never see them all as the challenge is great. It is a challenge that you can come back to for another 30 goes before getting so red-faced you need to play Flower as a screen saver to relax again.


~A Simon Says gamers field day

~Excellent sound quality for a PSP Mini

~A genuine challenge


~That controller you just broke in frustration will cost a lot more than the game to replace!


A clinical bit.trip on a practically endless mode, its challenging, difficult but has the hook that will pull you  back time and time again as you try to beat it.

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