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Game Review: Mercury Hg (PS3)

Mercury Hg is the latest installment of the Mercury series and has hit the current gen of consoles as a download title. Packing around 80 levels if you include the bonus unlockable ones, you are tasked with moving a blob of mercury from one end of an arena to the finish line. Oh so simple? Well not really…

Of course, if you drip off the edges you lose Mercury and if you completely roll off your toast! Sometimes though that is the least of your worries. Some levels require you to paint yourself certain colours to get to the finish which add a challenge, or even mix colours together by cutting yourself in half, colouring each new ball a different colour and then combining yourself. It’s then dexterity and forward thinking really come to the fore.

It’s a shame to admit though that unlike the absolutely fantastic Mercury Meltdown I have on the PS2, the challenge is somewhat dumbed down. The focus has switched to online score boards for competition on scores and times. It barely uses all its aces in its level design or colour blending and focuses more on cheaply rolling over uneven ground. It feels like they were afraid to push the creativity beyond some very basic puzzle tricks and so unlike its predecessor, the challenge just to finish a level isn’t there. That said, I’d imagine the DLC that’s planned (and already added to the trophy list) would be harder to crack.

The controls are responsive and predictable and the camera can be rotated and zoomed completely to where you want it to be. You can also import your own music to the already great soundtrack so the background and sometimes the floor, ripple to the beat of the song.


~Excellent gameplay at its core

~Great control and camera system


~Feels like it’s not reached its full potential


This game very much comes across as a starter kit for a larger game but then the price also reflects that at £3.99. For that price Mercury Hg is great value for money and if you get hooked, you’ll eat up the DLC, the online rankings and the custom soundtrack perks.

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