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Beyond Olden Acre – “The Western Seaboard” Review

Beyond Olden Acre is an Irish band in the very traditional sense. “The Western Seaboard” is an introductory EP of three stirring folk songs. “Western Seaboard” sets the mood with warm rustic tones of guitars, harmonicas and xylophones with typical folksy rough round the edges vocals. I like the fact it doesn’t feel like the music has been produced at all, like it’s still in its raw format. “Darkest Plains” has more of a swing in its step and the female vocals sound like an Irish PJ Harvey. If anything it’s a stronger track albeit a short one. “Sing My Child” closes with some cute lyrics and cuter guitar plucking. It reminds me very much of the 70’s Hippy era but vastly on the folksy side of things. There’s no electronics, it’s just music as found outside the pub. Slightly lacking overall polish but retaining more charm because of that.

Beyond Olden Acre’s EP is available as a pay what you want release on bandcamp.

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