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Game Review: Worms Crazy Golf (PS3)

Along with Burnout Crash, Worms Crazy Golf is another game that recently I’ve felt has been given an utterly unfair deal. Everyone moaned “What on Earth is this?” I’ll tell you what it is, it’s a fun and damn well made game!

Worms Crazy Golf boils down to four courses of 18 holes each. You must score Par or better to move on. There’s hotseat local multiplayer which works quite well too. The golfing system uses the tried and tested bar control scheme but you can choose to either hold down the button and let go or press and press again to hit the ball. If you aim for the small yellow part of the bar you’ll get an overdrive shot which will go above and beyond the predicted arc shown but they’re surrounded by red areas which basically mean you miss the shot and take a penalty. The ball physics are predictable and that’s what makes the game a successful implementation.

What marks it as a great game though is the way the worms franchise staples all twist to the golf mechanics. Hit another worm and they’ll detonate to make a bunker. The wind mechanic’s for grenades etc stay as the wind for golf. Various weapons turn up as obstacles to get around and sometimes to use to your advantage. There are also small mini games for getting your ball closest to the pin for points etc too. The worms have unlockable customise-able clubs and costumes and the sound-banks are cute as ever although there’s not as many as I’d have liked.

If I were to be critical, three initial courses (and one free downloadable extra one) means the fun is relatively short-lived and some of the content and worms ideas aren’t pushed to the imagination in ways and ideas beyond the obvious. Just thinking alone I can think of many ways other instruments and weapons could have been included.


~Solid crazy golf game in its own right

~Some clever adaptation of the worms theme

~Genuinely fun


~If the Worms franchise doesn’t do it for you, this won’t help

~Bit short on course content and customisation


Overall, Worms Crazy Golf boils down to one simple question. Was it fun? The answer is a resounding yes. It does nothing new once you take the theme is away but what it does do, it accomplishes with aplomb and for that it can be perfect for a quick 15 minutes here and there.

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