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Miku Hatsune – “39’s Thanks Live in Tokyo/Sapporo” Review

Sometimes it’s hard to escape something when it grips hold of you and that’s something I got this year when I bought a PSP and imported Project Diva. Suddenly I was in Vocaloid world and quickly imported the live DVD stunned that such a thing even existed for a holographic pop star!

39 gives you two concerts around 100 minutes in length each and both have some cross overs in the set lists but both concerts have their own twists. Tokyo crams 39 tracks into its set with some serious medley mixes going on where the songs are not played in full and they bounce at speed from one to another. Sapporo goes for 27 full tracks instead and to me feels a bit more cohesive as I’m not a mega mix fan. The holograms which include Miku, Lin, Len and Luka all play their parts, performing routines that are well designed while a full live rock band play live instruments to accompany them. The result is a strange merger of real and trickery that is so infectious.

The most infectious though are the tracks. Ievan Polkka is insane, Melt is rock pop tastic, PoPiPo is a Eurovision winner in waiting, Yellow is simply divine dance pop, while Two Breaths Walking is head banging frantic. She caters for all and the songs just stay in your head for days on end!

The concert is fantastic, the audience are all cheering, singing in the gaps, waving their glow in the dark celery sticks to the beat – it really is an overwhelmingly positive experience. If you enjoy unabashedly excitable music. This is the place to begin.

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  1. my good sir, may I know the exact names of the instruments oh hatsune miku’s live in sapporo 2011? if it is okay with you. You have my whole gratitude.

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