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Game Review: Pictionary Ultimate Edition (PS3)

At the end of last year I wasn’t very kind to the U-Draw Tablet for PS3 as I struggled to get to grips with any of its features. Easily the best use of it on the PS3 to date is the digital version of Pictionary. Taking you on a board game whirl, you are given a short amount of time to make your sketch on the tablet and let the other team guess. Does it work?

Again, in a word – no.

The presentation is well done for the board itself and there’s a few options on how to play for variations but they all boil down to the same sketching tool. The problem here is mainly that the tool is fiddly to use in the on-screen menu that’s too small to be precise on – not only can you not choose your colour or brush type or shape easily, it’s then compounded by having to attempt to draw it so quickly. Very quickly, you get frustrated that you can’t do something that seems so straight forward. I found that using your finger was easier sometimes but again, it was very hit and miss.


~Nice board presentation


~Time constraints frustrate

~Drawing tools too cluttered together making it impossible to be precise

~Tablet is unresponsive


It’s a shame as if anything was going to work with U-Draw, Pictionary would have been a shoe-in  unless we got a PS3 version of say Ivy the Kiwi or Crayon’s Deluxe. Let down by the thing its trying to promote – stick to the board game version and a pen and paper!

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