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Game Review: And Yet It Moves (PC)

Paper is something that’s really only been introduced into video games in the last decade or so from my memory and very few games take it to such a level as And Yet It Moves which has two specific game play traits in its weapons hold.

The first is that our main character is a fragile little man-made of paper. He’s easily broken. He’s not the fastest nor the most agile character to control. He’s having a bad day! The second is that it’s not just the character you move, it’s the world around you itself.

You see the crux of And Yet It Moves is that often the platforms you need to get to require you to rotate the world around you. Suddenly that wall next to you can be the floor and quickly the ceiling is the floor too. Everytime you twist the world and your lil man goes flying he seems to fall that bit faster and if he hits the ground too fast or at the wrong angle – snap! Literally! This main game mechanic is introduced immediately and by literally turning the game on its head it stays refreshing throughout as you move into more and more complex situations with boulders, enemies and all kinds of twisting shindiggery being added to the mix before the first area is over!


~Wonderful unique game mechanics which does not become gimmicky

~Inventive puzzles that require time and patience

~Excellent art and audio style


~May mack you dizzy?!


Originally coming from the Wii and being ported to PC, I can see this working excellently with motion controls but with the PC it works just fine. Inventive, intuitive and engrossing with its abstract art style and game play direction. A great display of what you can do by just running with one single idea all the way through to its full potential.

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