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Dain Saint – “Flight of Angels – Splice OST” Review

“Flight of Angels – Splice OST” is a very regal and relaxing soundtrack to the not very relaxing puzzle game Splice. However part of what makes anatomy strain making so enjoyable is the piano soundtrack tinkling away behind the scenes. Each of the seven tracks, all named aptly after angels are wonderfully flowing and effortlessly show off composer Dain Saint’s pianist chops. “Barachiel” is regal, “Ariel” has an endless flow to it that just seeps out beauty while “Gabriel” is a little more dramatic with lower end arcs and minimal heart monitor like bleeps in the background. “Fanuel” is more melodic and actually could easily have a songwriters vocals laid over the top. “Eremiel” returns to a more classical vibe as the soft midi piano does its best to caress the ear with its muted tones. “Darda’il” feels like the previous tracks’ slightly more sinister twin before “Cassiel” rounds of the soundtrack with the most dynamic and dramatic piece of the lot.

An acquired taste then perhaps, the Splice OST, but twenty minutes of sumptuous piano work is certainly worth dipping a toe into the water for as this one is like an eternal pool of dreams (ivory ones!)

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