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Generator Ohm – “Upon the Me Om I” Review

Generator Ohm 2Generator Ohm, a three-piece rock band have released their début album and have been busy rocking my speakers for a little while. Time to tell the world!

The rock style is very similar to a slightly less cohesive and more free-flowing grunge rock band. “Lemming Shuffle” changes up beat tempos, echoing guitar solos and some amazing bass guitar work. It’s like they’ve tried to squeeze everything into a single track. The energy is full on. “They Can See Us” is more spacious and discordant and reminds me of something Babylon Zoo would have done. “Platius” has a really nifty riff that keeps returning in between rock out solos and mosh out drum loops.

“Smoke Eater” goes out of its way to hop, skip and jump at 180mph and its here where you start to appreciate the vocals. The lead singer has a slight Kurt Cobain twang to his tone. It’s a bit of a lazy comparison but sometimes it really sounds similar – other times it sounds like The Monkeys! “Marginal Hop” showcases the bands unusual chord structures in an epic chorus.

“Lynarco’s Men” takes things darker and more psychedelic in a weird three-minute build up track that when it comes to the end just unravels into a heap. “Youth In Arms” starts off as possibly the most radio friendly track from the album but still houses and interesting drum beat and a half drunk vocal delivery but it the kind of sloppiness that enhances the track. “Devotion in Flex” has some absolutely amazing guitar work in what could be my favourite track of the album. It’s rolling drums and epic quick guitar riffs work perfectly over slow-moving words.

The final trio of tracks start with “First Encounters of the Worst Kind” which specifically reminds me early Soundgarden whilst “Devout, Devour” harks back to early 90’s grunge rock. It has such an off the wall chord structure – a signature for the band – its genuinely interesting to listen to even if you’re not a fan. “Yukon Tempest” closes the album with a slower track where we really hear the vocals push into shouts and screams more than before. It’s like a degenerating stadium rock finale.

Generator Ohm’s album is a complete clusterscrew of all kinds of meshing, moulding, mash-ups and sometimes it sounds like three guys jamming separately and then clumped together. I think it takes two or three listens to really appreciate the fact that there’s a band really trying new ways to make song structures and like me, they love a bit of a discordant sound. I give them two hearty thumbs up for it. I hope this does them well!

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