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Game Review: Beem (PC)


Beem is a light and mirror puzzler game that slowly drip feeds its game mechanics to you over its games length. The game draws its strength from its simplistic premise and ease of control and is a pleasure to play from start to end.

Your gameplay consists of turning mirrors to reflect a beam of light around the screen to get it to hit a jewel. This in turn flips you straight to the next screen to repeat the pattern. What Beem does very well is space out the learning curve perfectly. Quickly you’ll not be rotating but placing the mirrors strategically and then later on you’ll also be dealing with colour based puzzles too. It seamlessly transitions from level to level and you always can ask for hints from Gremlin, which is a one framed creature in the corner who’ll pop up occasionally. Whilst initially turning each mirror may confuse, you just have to remember that you must click on the mirror you want to turn first before doing so and that if you click and turn the mirror from far away you’ll get a much better degree of accuracy. Once armed with this knowledge, Beem is a joy to play and a head scratcher towards its conclusion.


~Perfect learning curve

~Effortless gameplay

~Engaging for casual and hardcore puzzlers


~Possibly lacking in the audio department


Beem is a great indie puzzler that reminds me very much of the light puzzlers from PS3’s Tumble amongst other games. A perfect learning curve keeps you entertained and engaged and it all runs  perfectly on the slowest of machines!

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