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Game Review: Micy Roll (PC)

micyrollpcMore rolling hi-jinx on PC comes at the expense of Micy Roll, a new game to be released on Desura. You control a mouse that wants to collect ink splats to colour the moon.

These types of games work purely based on the physics and this is where I found Micy Roll a bit of a struggle. Of course you need to build momentum to fly off of cliffs to reach other platforms but I found that I struggled to actually get anywhere near where I was meant to be going. Each ink splat you collect gives you one jump. Once jumped, that ink splat is used and gone. I really liked this twist in the rules but the jump mechanic is very imprecise and therefore starts to err you to frustration instead of fun.

Thankfully Micy Roll doesn’t require you to collect a specific amount of splats to get to the end of each level. That makes for good progress even if you can’t get them all and makes the game much more forgiving. However despite its cute graphics and nice audio sheen, other games do rolling ball platformers much better.


~Cute graphics and sound

~Good challenge to get 100%


~Level design doesn’t play the game to its strengths

~Jump mechanic is iffy

~Feels like I’m really missing the point


Maybe I’m missing the point but when the jump button feels awkward and its the only thing you can do aside roll – that makes for a frustrating game regardless of how cute a mouse squeal is.


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