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Skylight (PC Game Review)

skylightpcSkylight is a simple game and one that you can get through in a matter of minutes in its simplest form. A game of precision and momentum, it’s a first person bounce-em-up! You are constantly bouncing across a seemingly endless ascending stairway of platforms. There is actually an end to it as each 10% of the level rewards you with a checkpoint system.

There are two real crux to the gameplay. Firstly each platform will crack and then break upon repeated bounces, ensuring you will always aim for forward momentum. Secondly each platform will give a note or motif upon the bounce. It’s not essential in any means but it does let you try to keep bouncing to a beat or rhythm as a side goal to make some music as you go.

With games like this physics are key and Skylight has an interesting build. It feels like you’re on a windfan. Initially your movement will be slow but as you continue forward you really do gain momentum to the point where it’s very difficult to control. Here in lies the risk vs. reward dilemma. If you have self-control though and pick your way through (harder than it sounds) there’s little beyond completing the task and continuing on again. Skylight is a one trick pony and doesn’t pull beyond its initial wooing.


-Fun and inviting

-Cute legs


-One trick pony in terms of gameplay


Skylight is nice for five minutes and maybe quite fun for some hi-score or time trial hijinks (although these aren’t options included sadly you’ll need to do them yourself) but ultimately there’s more rounded experiences out there that do more with forward bouncing motion.


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