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Son Lux – “Tear” Review

Son Lux
Son Lux

“Tear” is a two-track single that acts as the bridge between Son Lux’s most recent work “We Are Rising” and what the new album will be like. “Tear” won’t be on it so it makes for an essential purchase for all Son Lux collectors.

“Tear Part 1” opens with vocoded vocals that’s been grilled and burned before taut vibrating strings pitch bend into the mix. It’s eerie presence doesn’t bring percussion until the half way mark as the drums clumsily roll and sway – crashing like a drunk over the slightly awkward sounds. Electric piano provides the sole warmth to the track as even when soothing female backing vocals enter the fray they still feel eerie. The sound is completely unique and completely Son Lux. “Tear Part 2” then washes away all the organics for a retread of the same riff in an alarming chiptune siren as Son Lux uses his built up vocal montage that he usual sings with to provide some momentary calm. However it soon paves way to something that’s akin to an Atari space shuttle flight at 100mphs. The juxtaposition of the hectic keyboards and slow-moving vocals clashing in tandem makes for evocative listening and its a marvel.

Two tracks? Yes. A must purchase? Yes!!!

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