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Futurebrite – “Futurebrite EP” Review


Futurebrite is the name for dark electro pop duo Karen Kannen Correa and Josh Grant. In a very similar vein to Nikki and the Dove, Iamamiwhoami and Royksopp we have some more edgy experimental pop music and the quality shines through on the EP.

“Faux” opens with loops of quick dismantled keyboard samples and vocal snippets skipping and looping over as the bouncy bass drum blasts through with its low-frequency vibrations turned up to the max. The vocals themselves was a soft to them with some heavy wet reverb drenching them. It’s a very 80’s Goldfrapp take on production but with all the tropes of modern adult-pop. “I Go” takes a Huski approach with mixing live guitar and bass into a more power pop feel. It has a driving beat and catchy melody. There’s enough to make it stand out from the crowd although some of the production is a bit muddy when all the instruments and vocals start to compete in the middle eight. “Please” rounds off the EP with a darker percussive track with neon keyboards and some excellent embellishments at the end of each four beat line. It keeps the song fresh feeling throughout and really fluid. This track was possibly my favourite of the three, but all were very strong.

Futurebrite clearly have a great base sound. With being an electronic based dark pop duo, the key to success will be making sure they can twist and merge their sound to last over an album without getting samey. Judging on this EP, the album will be a treat.

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