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Game Review – Walking With Dinosaurs (PS3)

Edutainment at its Best...
Walking with Dinosaurs
Walking With Dinosaurs (Wonderbook) PS3

Wonderbook really hasn’t taken off. It’s a terrible shame, it really is as it offers a very markedly different experience to any other game out there. There’s something tangible to touch, hold, rotate and each of the four games now available offer delightful interactive stories. Walking with Dinosaurs is the one that side steps some of the story in the name of education – or edutainment as I call it. Usually that can mean a car crash of a game but this title is an amazing experience that whilst definitely aimed at children – had two 30 year olds loving every page!

The game covers the Dinosaur reign over five chapters. Inside those chapters your move controller switches from a hammer, a saw, a brush, binoculars, tweezers and an x-ray gun to find bones in dig sites and learn about the Dinosaurs of that era. You then follow them through a life cycle feeding them, finding them a mate, chasing and being chased – often ending up in a fight. The mating and fights are quick time events using the move control and PS Eye’s microphone to Roar at. Yes its silly – yes you still enjoy roaring anyway!

It’s very difficult to lose in Walking With Dinosaurs, but you’ll need to perfect everything to win Gold on each task, which although isn’t difficult, can require a couple of retakes. As you encounter new facts, you unlock cards to track your progress and there’s about 175 to collect and that requires exploring during drama scenes. The game is narrated by a male and female. The male clearly has narrated for children before, the female has some hilariously bad lines because she just doesn’t want anyone to die… yet we’re all extinct anyway!

The controls are solid, the production is decent and the Dinosaurs are genuinely entertaining. I also learnt things as I went and enjoyed the round-up quizzes. This is simply edutainment at its best.



– I got to roar… a lot

– Genuine fun to be had whilst learning all the time

– Nice uses of the Move Controller


– The actual Wonderbook itself felt a bit underused.

– Bit short


Great fun for the little ones, a learning tool for those whom like Dinosaurs and definitely the best game to play until Jurassic World comes out next year! Considering it also comes with a Wonderbook for a cheap price, this is a great gift from Chrimbo.

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