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Game Review: Soundodger+ (PC)

Get your reflexes ready - we're musical dodging!

Music games are still a massive passion of mine even if the genre itself is considered like its dead. I genuinely believe it hasn’t, but the critics will continue to pan the genre. What is exciting is where music games have dispersed into other genres. Enter Soundodger+.

Taking a 2D shooter styled view on the screen, you control a single circle in a circular arena. A music track begins and the outer space of the screen starts to pulsate with the tracks rhythms and melodies. Each stage will then launch a barrage of triangle missiles, bombs, and waves for you to move your circle to avoid. These objects fly majestically across the arena and are perfectly in tune with the music itself. Each music track has a slightly different arena layout and therefore different patterns. It’s quite difficult to sell it as a description but it’s simply poetry in motion. Here is a video of the gameplay for reference:

There are over twenty tracks and each has two difficulty levels. You aim for 100% evasion and if you get hit by something the track fast forwards a few seconds and gets you out of the jam.

Beyond the 20 tracks you can start to build intricate musical levels. It’s level creator tool can be done as a very quick one click button to randomise it, or you can build every single projectile to hit the beat or vocals – however you like. The level editors detail is rivalled only by Project Diva’s edit mode where you can place a note wherever you like in the song and on-screen. If you’ve the patience, you can make masterpieces. You can also upload and swap your versions of other people’s tracks and play with everyone’s edits.

Lastly a massive shoutout to the amazing soundtrack. There are plenty of genres covered from chiptune to symphonic and back again. Each track is catchy and without


~ Deceptively simple

~ Tons of replay value making your own versions and downloading others

~ Psychedelic visuals

~ Simply beautiful

~ Amazing musical range and stunning soundtrack


~ Erm… it ends?


Amazing musical dodging game that feels fresh, unique and engaging from start to end. This is the perfect way to feel the music and get in lost in the movement. Soundodger is amazing.

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