Tanya Donelly – “Swan Songs Vol 5” Review

Tanya Donelly

Tanya Donelly

Tanya Donelly’s final volume of Swan Songs rounds off a fantastic collection of EP’s that have showcased her ability to write songs that still hit the core of your soul after so many years in the business. This volume has a great collection of different sounds and is more diverse than some of the others.

Instant favourite “Snow Goose and Me” has a great switch up of verse to chorus time changes, chord structures and vibe. The chorus is longing and swaying whilst the verses are more punchy and the Cajon gives it all a bit of a Latin temper in the background. “Tu y Yo” then swaps things for thrashing rock and daggers with a trip back to early 90’s grungy rock with heavy riffs and Tanya singing and brooding her sass over the top. It feels completely different to most of her latest output and a welcome side dish. “Lucky Love” however is very Donelly and reminds me of a more string focused Belly track with its anthemic choruses and empty verses. There’s not a big push for drama and theatrics, it’s perfectly concise songwriting that shines on its own terms. You’ll be humming that chorus way after the track is over. “o Me of Little Faith” takes a country twist with great interplay between guitar and string. The chorus has a great clumsy line “I’m sure, I’m sure, no I’m not sure who you are” which made me smile. The closer “The End to the Dawn” is a cute and careful folk track that has a real pluck to its waltzing tune where it feels like you are draining the last dregs out of the day. I can see it being used in many an indie movie as it has that vibe to it.

A great rock artist, Tanya Donelly continues to wow as she releases these little nuggets of gold. I urge people to grab the set as they continue to demonstrate that she is a songstress that is still at the top of her game. Classic music, beautifully told.

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