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“The Players Score – A Video Game Music Documentary” Kickstarter Goes Live!

A VGM documentary kickstarter!!!
The Players Score
The Players Score

It’s with great passion that I can announce The Players Score – A Video Game Music documentary has gone into kickstarter mode. As regular readers know, I love game music, chiptunes and the cross over of those two scenes and have been reviewing and commenting on soundtracks for over a decade (since before I started my own website here!) and the idea of VGM having its own documentary is a dream for me. The kickstarter looks amazing and it’s a modest amount to raise to get backed on. I hope if you have interest in this area of music, you’ll take a look and consider pledging to the cause.

Also if you’re reading Kory and the gang – if you need any help with any of the documentary – I’ll lend a hand where I can!

You can view the kickstarter that’s already at 11% funded or you can visit The Player’s Score website for more details.

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