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Brick BRKer – “BRKOUT EP” Review

Time to boogie 8bit style!
Brick BRKer
Brick BRKer

Chiptune artist Brick BRKer released a fabulous EP earlier this year which harks back to the game music tropes of the late 80’s and earlier 90’s. Fitting firmly between using early 8-bit samples and a crunchy 8k styled drum track each track has pace, fun, twisted melodies and catchy hooks to keep you dancing.

“Open World” kicks off  proceedings with a funky dance track that borrows heavily from cool surf island style levels of platformers or racers. It’s the kind of track you’d get on Outrun and be humming along merrily on repeat to for ages. The ending is super cute too as the jolly track falls apart and slides down to a low buzz. “Seven Teens” is more dramatic like a boss battle of a shoot em up boss. It borrows from traditional classical music approaches and hearing the rise of the track gets you excited and pumped for when it all does kick off  – which is duly does by half way. “Human Transmutation” is a track of two halves. The first half is a percussive stomping ground with strong bass riffs and a growing shift towards a more vocal synth melody. It then has a breakdown and emerges with a shuffle pop striving beat that slowly increases its tempo over time and as the chords lift up slightly to keep up with the pace shifts, the track really comes into its own and showcases Brick BRKer’s ability to change things up. “Destroy The Internet” is the fun closer that is the hyper track of the EP and bounces happily.

BRKOUT is fun, short, sweet and doesn’t stray too far from the usual chiptune path. Each track is well made and Brick BRKer has managed to use a lot of early syth work and make it feel smooth. There’s no hiss to the ear or ouch moments which is a thing to applaud. It wont change anyone’s life but these are four tracks to bop down to on chip night in style.

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