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NUREN Kickstarter combines music, film, game and VR into one huge experience!

A Virtual Reality musical experience

It’s not often I’ll give a shout to a kickstarter but when I do, I think it’s worth noting! Jake Kaufman (Shovel Knight) and Jessie Seely (Double Dragon Neon) have teamed up to create NUREN: The New Renaissance and I’m quite excited about what it wants to do.

Essentially a VR experience (although the mouse works fine too!), you’ll be placed into an on rails world where everything around you reacts to the music and see what’s going on around you in 360 degrees. It all pulls together with an overall story and each track that you experience will have a new art style as they have a different artist working on them. It’s essentially a walkthrough music video experience which sounds pretty neat and the demo of a segment that’s available on the kickstarter page has a great Tron/Neon vibe. If there was the ability to add some visual effects to get involved with the music with your hands or the mouse buttons then this would be an ultimate experience but what’s here has me excited. And yes, Oculus Rift support is there…

Take a look at the video below and visit the kickstarter for the demo


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