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My Brightest Diamond – “I Had Grown Wild” Review

Shara goes French for this bonus EP
My Brightest Diamond
My Brightest Diamond

Last year Shara Worden, the lady that is My Brightest Diamond, released an absolutely stonking album and became one of the best albums of 2014. In a way to mop up the era, “I Had Grown Wild” is a six track release that gives some reworked tracks and a few surprises thrown in too.

“Ceci Est Ma Main (Groundlift Remix)” takes the title track from This Is My Hand and turns it into the French language. It’s power becomes slightly more sensual as behind the scenes the electric power of the bass and brass is stripped back somewhat for clicking, finger picking guitar loops. The thumping drums push their way through and its a perfectly good reworking of the original. “Say What” is a new track that is political in its message and stance and I particularly love the way the track transitions from a brooding piece to a call to arms for its outro. It doesn’t blast out into a rage, it’s a controlled and targeted attack. “Apparition” is a reworking of the original track from the last album. Again, translated to French, the words seem to fit nicely. It’s almost two minutes longer than the original and far more sedate as the muffled percussion and swimming electric guitar and organ simply drift the melodies softly behind the voice. The extra time taken to create the mood serves the ghostly effect beautifully and I actually prefer this version in some ways.

“Bronze Head” is a new track and is the big burst rocker on the EP. It’s electronic buzzsaw bass line in the verse turns into a mean angry bassline for the verses and the interplay between the simple guitar spikes works like a charm. Shara then lets her voice loose on the closing bars for a great finale. The EP then closes with the English version of “This Is My Hand (Groundlift Remix)” and then “Lover Killer (The Hood Internet Remix)” where the guitars aren’t as strong as the original, but there’s a more electronica root in a bouncier percussive edge. What I do love about the remix is it’s use of the backing vocals from the source material being used to create a collage of melodies and sounds. It’s quite ingenious in that respect.

Is this the place to start your My Brightest Diamond collection? Absolutely not. It’s for the fans really and if you aren’t a remix fan then just grab the two new tracks separately as they are great standalone numbers. However, if you are already a sparkling fan this is definitely a great addition to your collection.

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