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Annabel Lee – “Prey” Review

Screaming through the noise - literally!
Annabel Lee

Annabel Lee is a rock girl through and through. After discovering her new three track EP on Bandcamp, I was delighted to enjoy her sultry rock passion from her vocals to her power chords driving through the speakers.

“Melting” reminds me a bit of a bond theme song. It has a slow motion feel to it as the drums rumble heavy over slowly unfurling power chords of electric guitars and organs. Annabel’s voice itself has been produced to have a slight electric crisp feel to it which means she has really go for it and cut through all the noise. “Prey” takes some of the more unusual industrial elements that hide in the first track and pushes them to the fore. The chorus is explosive and the track itself is very percussive with just low keyboard notes running the verses before huge guitars chime in. I particularly like the lyrics here where the word prey could also be swapped out for pray and the whole song would have an equally sinister meaning too. The closer “Stories” see’s the piano take the lead with a heavy classic rock reverb of atmospherics behind it. With everything else gone, it really lets Annabel’s voice shine with it’s power. The track itself fits nicely under the Elton John style of making anthems.

It’s a fantastic start to a musicians career to have such a well accomplished EP. I really like the industrial rock and classical mix ups. There’s a powerful voice there too which may need some taming to ensuring it’s effective throughout an album but I’m exicted to see where Lee goes from here.

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