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Concert Review – Eska

A fine 360 performance at the Roundhouse

Last Thursday I had the pleasure of seeing Eska at the Roundhouse in London as part of a one off concert with technical wizardry and amazing music. It was a fantastic performance and one that felt rather unique due to a few key points.

Eska herself has an absolutely belting voice, but I had no idea she played so many instruments. As the concert continued she kept popping up with new instruments to play and then would still crank up the diva voice of indie folk to 11. Her album was one of my favourites last year and when played with a band and a guest string section the music really felt three dimensional.

The staging was more 360 degrees though as Eska was part of the current 360 Curtain Call display. A full project curtain was used to show off pyrotechnics and images (including tasteful nudes may I add!) to enhance the production. It meant you could really immerse yourself in the whole experience and it was a joy to be a part of… and that girls got some amazing moves too!

Sadly there’s no recordings of the actual event itself so I’ve included this live rendition of my favourite track of hers “Shade of Blue” below.

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