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Suha – “Moonkid” Review

Turkish smooth electro jazz anyone?

Suha hails from Turkey and his first EP came out earlier this year. The singer/songwriter has a really unique blend of old and new as he balances beats, electronics, traditional instruments and various vocal styles to make his own sound and I really dig it.


“Moonkid” is the opening track and from the flute embellishments and guitars to the dual vocal delivery of subtle male soulful voices and traditional calls in the background – it has a lovely Turkish vibe without really screaming “I’m Turkish world music!!!” Suha has more in tune with electronica producers because as “Bittersweet” kicks in with its swinging beat, there’s plenty of jazzy saxophone samples rolling over a late night club sound. It nods to George Michael in a way and whilst it’s less to my taste I can appreciate it. “Came Back Softly” stays in that late night jazz vibe but adds more flare and cheek to it. The track itself plays with panoramic sounds and constantly switches ears between sounds. It’s the kind of music I’d play at the end of the evening when the lights are low.

Suha shows potential in his first EP but “Moonkid” stands out for me as the track and direction of interest because its the most unique and satisfying of the trio. If you are looking for late night smooth music without the cheese – you should check Suha out.

Recommended Track : Moonkid

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