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Living Dead Girl – “Autumn” Review

Gothic industrial musings of a vampire
Living Dead Girl
Living Dead Girl

Previewed last month, Living Dead Girl’s new EP is a noir pop delight with plenty of electronica and industrial elements to keep the grit ploughing into your ears as angelic vocals lament cold remarks into your brain.

Title track “Autumn” is the immediate hook here. It’s clever use of pulsating basslines and anthemic drums over a fragile vocal delivery really push Living Dead Girl as close to alt-pop as the EP gets. It’s industrial edge makes it extra dramatic and I can see a lot of the AAA world getting on board via this track. “Simulation” is a more eclectic with bleeping computers and distorted guitars providing a clash of metals that rouse into a quirky but catchy waltzing electro-rock track. If industrial goth was a genre – this would be it. “A False Architect” follows initially a simple ballad that skips along quietly but the beauty of this track is in its warped execution. Things slowly detune in certain places as if either somethings being played wrong or it’s playing on a tape that chewing up and being dragged down chords. It utterly changes what could be a relatively subdued track into something that has atmosphere (and evil organs!) you could cut with a knife. The EP finishes with two remixes of “Simulation” and the Neon Valley Cult remix turns the track into a superb goth rock number akin to Nightwish. It’s my favourite track on the release and that’s because of it’s full of energy and life. Occasionally there is a sparseness of bass in the previous tracks and therefore they can lack a bit of impact whereas this is made to rock and nothing else.

Living Dead Girl have a ton of potential and by continuing to embrace their clever quirks I’m sure they’ll have a bright musical future ahead of them. This release shows a lot of promise.

Recommended Track : Autumn

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