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Full Concert Live Vault – Elsiane

A unique voice that brings beauty to everyone's soul

Elsiane are a magical duo of percussive master Stephane and Elsieanne’s uniquely beautiful voice. It’s rare to say a vocal performance is truly unique but the pitch perfect angelic yet knowledgeable qualities of Elsieanne’s voice is one of a kind. Their smooth blend of meditative and sumptuous alt-pop world music has spanned well over a decade and spawned two great albums and they are in the process of crowdfunding a third called “Death of an Artist”. It’s not often I’ll shout out about preordering something in this way but I’m excited to see where this takes them.

Elsiane placed an entire gig online for everyone to enjoy earlier this year and the concert from Mexico City is available in full below. You can consider supporting Elsiane’s third album by visiting their IndieGoGo page.

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