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Jessica Curry to front new Classical FM Game Music Show

Kicking off April 2017!
Jessica Curry
Jessica Curry

Game Music is a vast and varied category of music and as an avid fan of it from the earliest of bleeps, it’s fascinating to see a more mainstream take on things. Jessica Curry, of Chinese Room fame (Everyone’s Gone to the Rapture, Dear Esther) is going to be presenting a new game music show for Classical FM.

Whilst I’m sure no one will be upset with her playing some of her own stuff, there’s an absolute wealth of orchestral and classically inspired pieces, which is what I assume the show will be guided towards. With licensing a perennial problem for this site as I work towards our radio station – I’ll be very interested in how vast and varied their composer list will be. The show kicks off in April and I wish it the very best success as Jessica’s insights into her music – particularly what she say’s in the commentary track for Dear Esther – are fascinating.

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