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Live Vault – Fenech-Soler

45 minutes of the best of catchy electronica anthems

One of my highlights of my dance and happy music selection (which is not very large outside of vocaloid) is the wonderful Fenech-Soler. They are about to release their third album “Zilla” and have been busy doing some live shows and have just uploaded this excellent set from KCRW, whom always put out great radio concerts.

Enjoy the set below with plenty of new tracks to enjoy!


    1. Hey Andrew – thanks for stopping by and I hope you continue to enjoy it here. One of the best ways I discover music is sorting through amazon’s recommended albums feature and I have a feeling this came up when I was trying to find artists like Caribou as I had just discovered him back in 2015 I think – so I am relatively new. Didn’t even know they were British until I saw this haha! Any recommendations for me to take a look at?

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