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“IA First Live Concert in Japan Party A Go Go” Review

Hopefully the first of many!

IA is a vocaloid that has forged her own path battling against the likes of Miku Hatsune and co as a credible star in her own right. Her video game is fantastic and now she has her first live DVD/Blu-Ray and whilst it plays it safe with many of her hits on show, there’s plenty to love about it.

Different from other Vocaloid concerts, here the holographic lady is dancing around on stage sometimes with human backing dancers and sharing the stage with other artists too. Whilst playing out many of her classics like “Inner Arts” and “Circuit DISCO” the sound is great and the crowd are clearly loving it too with their glow sticks in full rhythm. Between sections of tracks the screen behind her seems to be travelling to release dates of certain songs and showing artwork before the song begins. Sometimes that’s handy for stage and instrument transitions, other times it feels a bit tacked on. Across the 19 tracks, there’s plenty to party along to and whilst I’d like to have had a wider spread of producer tracks, it does mean that the whole concert gels really nicely into a party pop rock sound.

If you aren’t a fan of vocaloid, this won’t change a thing for you, but it’s great to see other characters outside of the usual suspects getting some love and if you want to jump around the living room with the lights off like I do to some crazily catchy tunes, this is a very good place to start your descent into Vocolobliss!

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