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Club Night – “Hell Ya” Review

If The Go Team produced their albums vaguely normally.
Club night
Club Night

Not many bands can channel playground happy rock with proper panache. Club Night are a new band that take The Go Team! ‘s excitable crowd pleasing energy, but places it in a properly produced rock environment. The result is something that fuses your body with electric and makes you want to bounce around like a nutter.

“Shear” introduces you to all Club Night’s elements. The speedy drums, the tight electric guitars that switch between a bleeding shoegaze and beautifully plucked melodies, and that distorted crowd shouting vocal that’s like a riot call. “Rally” is a bit more straight forward with its rock sensibilities but “Well” see’s the vocals channel The Knife and Fever Ray. It bursts into fits of rage between mini new romantic verses and has a truly unique vibe. “Hair” is a vicious ear-piercing interlude that doesn’t endear itself to me but leads us into the excellent eight minute riot that’s “Work”. It brings all the elements we’ve heard so far together into one monumental track. It’s funny that I find myself shouting and bouncing around to an EP I can barely make out any of the words too – but this closing clustersmash up is like a rock band trashing the stage at the end of a gig.

The energy of Club Night is what makes the band stand out. The riffs aren’t always immediately obvious, but it vibe and current they give out is. Ones to watch if you like your rock turned to full blast party.

Recommended Track : Well

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