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Lex Audrey – “God Given” Review

Synth pop rock to lilt too
Lex Audrey
Lex Audrey

Lex Audrey  are an electronica trio that join a growing collection of bands whom look like they are going to be a rock group, but they are firmly about the dance floor and the synthesizers – but keep that rock sentimentality by their side. Their new EP showcases all of this and more to great aplomb.

Opener “All About the Inside” is a track that slowly unveils itself. An interplay between two vocal tracks, one being generally a normal vocal track and the other a distorted vocal track pitch shifted to the deepest growl. Behind it is a chilled out beat and a very simple but effective synth runner that phases across your ears and it all explodes into a euphoric finale with keyboards, guitars, big drums and a weird vocals pushing together in harmony. It’s unconventional, but it really works. After a short guitar echo interlude, “God Given” crosses the rock synth barrier far more often with guitars taking much more of a focus, with a strong radio friendly track of power chords, rousing choruses and an epic Queen like solo to round off. The combo really works with its swaying waltz tinged sadness and that sympathetic lilting that Lex Audrey do so well stands out in “I Feel U” with a gentle nod to the

New Romantic era with tight guitars, spacious synths and plenty of room for high register vocals that drift around the chorus before being chopped up for a riff between verses and choruses. It’s my favourite from the EP which closes with the jingly “Different Grounds” which has a funky bass line and a great chorus but just misses a final lift to ensure the EP ends with a bang.

Joining plenty of great bands in this electro indie rock group genre, Lex Audrey have a few tricks up their sleeves to stand out. The EP shows they have some great song writing craft and an interesting choice of instruments and production. In a full length album, I’d probably like to see a wider mixture of song types – but they have conquered the mid tempo track on this EP.

Recommended track : I Feel U

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