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Chloe Foy – “Are We There Yet?” Review

Seeking a new lady of alternative folk?
Chloe Foy
Chloe Foy

Being a sensitive, quiet and introspective female singer/songwriter is difficult in 2017. There are plenty out there and to distinguish yourself from them is tough. Chloe Foy’s brand of brand of folk tinged music is all of these things and hints at some great things to come.

“Flaws” opens with soft guitar riffs, gentle echoing strings and a playful motif that repeats throughout the track. Chloe’s voice in general is hushed and soothing, but as the track bursts into a more symphonic finale, Foy breaks out into a more coarse and primal yelp. It’s perfect because in a track that discusses flaws, she purposely hits some notes a little harshly and it really adds character to a superb track. The title track of the EP also plays with space and rolling piano and guitars switching out interchangeably over a quick waltz. It’s the rawness you found in the opener that pushes things again here. It adds a home-brew likeability to everything, even though everything is far from amateur. Chloe’s use of a full backing singing collection really pays off here too. They are present throughout the EP, but the big crescendo here is where the money shot is. After two big tracks “Fire and Flood” is a shorter but more urgent song. It’s pensive acoustic guitar playing and quick lyrical deliver really drive the urgency forward as it builds into a cathartic chant of “I want fire and flood to cool down.” “Henry” and “Song For D” are less built around a rousing ensemble peak and are more standard ballads. The first plays with pregnant pauses, whilst the last is a lovely piano, string and vocal piece that really reminds me of Julia Marcell’s early work.

For Chloe Foy, this is a great opening gambit. In focusing around a layered approach to production and the contrast of simple riffs that build its an explosive catharsis, she’s got a formula there. Looking for a new lady of alt-folk? Here’s one we recommend!

Recommended Track : Flaws

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