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Bruno Sanfilippo – “Lost and Found” Review

Bruno Sanfilippo
Bruno Sanfilippo

Contemplative pianist Bruno Sanfilippo returned last month with a new album “Lost and Found”. Bruno takes compositions from previous albums and reimagined with different feeling and emotions in the playing. The differences are subtle at times, but Sanfilippo is able to create a cinematic space with his music.

“Peter” is melancholy with its piano playing and quite dirge like, even when it gets going after a sombre and minimalist introduction. However the background hum of a wintry synth hides underneath and the sound of children in the playground is present through most of the track. The sheer joy juxtaposed with such a sad piece reminds me school days being bullied. “InTROpiano” is more an ambient landscape than a melodic piece. Long drones that you’d more associate with meditation, peace and nature landscapes fill the seven minutes. This is music for resting to. “Piano Texture Found” plays with the sound of the piano, reworking its properties into a glassy echo. The effect is great, and the static noise throughout gives it a beautiful but eerie feel. “Solitario” is an eleven minute synth piece that’s again more ambient than melodic and feels more like a coincidental tv drama accompaniment. A bonus track found from the cutting floor is the beautiful “What I Dreamed” which is my personal highlight on the album. It’s melodic, subdued, rhythmic and framed in a swish cosy glow. Piano is echoing back and forth over the simple motif but it’s the kind of refrain you could have on repeat for ages and not notice.

All in all, it’s not an essential Bruno Sanfilippo purchase and the new track is the standout here. It’s a little too minimalist for my personal taste, but if that sounds like the kind of thing that makes you intrigued – you’ll enjoy this LP.

Recommended Track : What I Dreamed

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